Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi! Sorry its been a while since I have blogged...My Mom had a triple bypass a couple of months ago and had to go back into the hospital because two of the three they bypassed collapsed...They had to do a very tricky procedure being so soon she just had the bypass made it more dangerous but they got the two stints in and she is doing well....It was very very close! We are very thankful! And even though she doesnt do the computer I wanted to tell her Happy Birthday Mom!!! She turned 75 yesterday and it was her first day out of the hospital....As soon as shes ready we are all going out to her favorite place to eat and celebrate another start and turning 75...I havent had a chance to make anything new so I thought I would post this Valentine card I made not too long ago using some bling bling I found at Michaels in the shape of lips...Added some gingham and a love charm for a quick clean and simple card...Hope all is well with you all and thanks so much for being patient and stopping by today! Hugs....Cookie
Supplies: Recollections and SU papers, Lips Bling, Ribbon, Charm and Pop Dots


marilynprestonn said...

Hellowwwww Sweet Cookie! Awww, how I love your "lips". They are cool and all jazzied up with bling! Just in time for Valentine. So glad to hear your mom is doing good. God bless her.

Here is a [URL=]CARD FOR MARK[/url]. I thought my little Florida friend would like some love and a smile.

Hugs to you my dear. Peggyxo

Gabriela said...

Oh Cookie - I'm so relieved to hear that your Mom pulled through such a harrowing experience with the two bypasses. Please extend my warmest birthday wishes to her. Your Smoohes card is adorable.

Emily Leiphart said...

Yikes, Cookie, that must've been quite the scare with your mom. I'm happy to hear she pulled through and is doing well!

You are so clever to make lip shapes with the bling! I love this idea. Please tell your mom I wish her a very happy birthday with happiness and good health!!